Our Vision:

Celebrating Heaven on Earth

By living a life of choice

Rooted in Truth

Vibrating with Love, Wisdom and Abundance

Our Mission:

To practice and teach Spiritual Principles,

being a beneficial presence for Global Transformation

Through Individual Transformation

Our Purpose:

To serve with Love, because we love to serve!


Unconditional Love: accepting diversity of all people and treat everyone with compassion and kindness

Integrity: acting with honesty and transparency, congruent with our vision, mission, purpose

Gratitude: we serve with an attitude of deep gratitude knowing that we have been blessed with the wonderful gift of our teaching and our mission to bring this teaching to our community and the world

Spiritual Conviction: we live constantly with the conviction that our teaching transforms lives


The story of how Soul Home was born – as told by the Founding Minister, Rev. Stephanie Clarke

In December 1985, I landed in South Africa for the first time, ostensibly to visit my mother for a two-month holiday. But in the first few weeks, I found the First Church of United Religious Science in Johannesburg and began to attend on Sundays. The Senior Minister, Rev. Gladys Harrison, was offering a one-year Science of Mind Class starting in February 1986. I knew I had to sign up so I did – not knowing how I was going to legally stay in South Africa once my holiday was over nor how I was going to pay for the class. This is when I discovered that prayer works: everything fell into place for me and, a year later, I started the immigration process into South Africa. I became more involved in the church community and one night at a church board meeting in 1987, Rev. Gladys asked us where we saw ourselves and the church in 5 years’ time. I instantly got a vision of a multi-racial church with myself as the minister. This church would end the separation between blacks and whites and it would heal the wounds of Apartheid. This vision propelled me to America to study for the ministry in 1989 and it was in Los Angeles, California, in 1991, that I first met Rev. Michael Beckwith at his Religious Science church, Agape. He had the kind of multi-racial church that I dreamed of for South Africa and he has been my inspiration ever since.

I graduated as a minister in the United Church of Religious Science in 1998. (The organisation has since changed its name to “Centers for Spiritual Living”). A few months later, in January 1999, the call came from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to return home to South Africa and start my ministry.

I followed the call and landed back in Johannesburg in January 2000. Our first Soul Home Sacred Gathering took place on Easter Sunday, 2000 – a celebration of new life. Those were such special times. There were Sacred Gatherings on Sundays, Science of Mind classes, Non-Violent Communication courses, workshops, weddings, funerals, baby blessings, pilgrimages to Egypt, community projects helping the tribespeople in Lesotho, Board retreats in the Bush. And in amongst all this activity, people were changing, their lives were healing, creativity was bursting forth, friendships were being made, abundance was showing up. And blacks and whites were worshipping together under the same roof exactly according to my vision in 1987.

In January 2005, my first group of spiritual practitioner students who had followed the 4-year curriculum with me, took their final oral panels with 4 visiting ministers and practitioners from the USA, led by Revs. Bob and Barbara Grabowski. The students I am referring to are: Gerd Pontow, Penelope Gottlieb and Anka Daly. They have been serving Soul Home ever since they got their practitioner licenses.

My time at Soul Home as the Senior Minister was coming to an end. I had had my call to move on and return to Europe. I passed the baton to Gerd Pontow in March 2005 and he has run Soul Home successfully ever since with loving assistance from Anka and Penelope and also his own practitioner student, Melanie Hall. Gerd even graduated as a minister in 2016, having completed the training with CSL mostly via long-distance learning – thanks to the internet.
In August 2015, I left my job in Europe and returned to South Africa to look after my elderly mother and step-father. I am so happy to be home and serving at Soul Home once again.

I want to say a big Thank You to all the wonderful beings who have crossed the threshold of Soul Home since its inception in the year 2000. I am so proud and delighted that we are still going strong all these years later. Easter Sunday 2018 was our 18th birthday! My baby is all grown-up now. 😊


If you want to read more about the early days of Soul Home, you can pick up a copy of Rev. Steph’s autobiography at the Sacred Gatherings on Sundays. It is entitled: “The Miss-Adventures of an Irreverent Reverend: a spirit-ed guide for rebels and renegades.” (Local price is R250.) It can also be ordered on Amazon Kindle. https://www.amazon.com/Miss-Adventures-Irreverent-Reverend-Spirit-ed-Renegades-ebook/dp/B01MRZJ3E1/ref=mt_kindle?_encoding=UTF8&me=

Rev. Steph created a CD of affirmative prayers called “Uncommon Prayer”. Rev. Gerd has stock of these. Price is R150.00.

You can contact Rev. Steph at www.TimelessTransitions.net and book her for a sacred ceremony, coaching session or speaking event.

You can find her Soul Home talks and other videos at youtube.com/TheRevSteph

You can read her miracle blog at www.miraclesandmissstories.wordpress.com